• Company History
  • Launch of www.anchorn.com.tw official website latest update.
    Main engineering research and development move back to the headquarters in Taiwan.
    Develop diversified production lines, undertaken OEM / ODM customized requirements
    ISO9001:2000;GB/T 19001-2000 Quality Management System Certification approved in January (Certificate Number:00108Q10009R0M/4400)
    - Zhaopeng plastic building materials & metal Co., Ltd expanded construction to be completed in early October.
    - Start applying for ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification.
    - Development and production of LED driver and certified.
    - Founded 10 years in China, company expand the dinner party to celebrate.
    - Development LED driver for Europe, American and Japan.
    - Domestic sales company ZhaoYi Electronic Co., Ltd factory completed, covering about 2,000 square meters. Mainland and Taiwan Jiont-Venture.
    - Development and production of electronic ballasts, dimmers and certified.
    ShinChang Electronic Co., LTD company name officially changed to Hui Yang Yei Te Li Electronic Industry Co., Ltd. Anchorn Group membership.
    Production capacity requirements, move to new factory, covering about 130,000 square meters. Is located in center of Chang Lung Kun industrial area.
    Expand production capacity, establishment of ShinChang Electronic Co., LTD is located in Huiyang, China. Anchorn Group membership.
    Corporate Transformation
    Development of electronic transformers. Leading Taiwanese electronic transformer industry trend to develop light, thin, little products. The first company approved by European safety regulation standard of electronic transformer series in Taiwan.
    Began producing magnetic ballast
    Began producing magnetic transformers
    Founded Anchorn company, the factory is located in Northern Taiwan, Specializing in the production of audio transformer inductance.